About Me


Hola My name is Liz Trujillo, Owner and Provider at Owl's Nest  Academy.  I am the youngest of  six siblings in my family and native from Guerrero, Mexico. I moved to the United Stated in 2001. Since then I have become passionate about Early Education.  I have over ten years of experience in child development. I am currently enrolled in Clackamas Community College. I am a step 8.5 in the Oregon Registry, and proudly enrolled in the Spark program. I have currently earned my 3 stars! I believe children need and deserve a healthy and safe environment that will meet and nurture their  unique qualities and learning abilities.  I share my lovely home with my two kids and my husband.


Creative Curriculum

We follow the creative curriculum. Every child has the opportunity to immerge in language, dramatic play, arts & crafts, math, science, manipulatives and music & movement.


Discipline Policy

At Owl's Nest Academy children are valued and respected as individuals. We use re-direction and natural consequences. We focus our attention on feelings rather than behavior.

We do not use time outs.

Why Immersion?

Studies show that learning a second language at a young age has many positive benefits such as problem solving skills, spatial relation skills, cognitive and creativity development. 

Policies & Tuition

Upon enrollment you will be handed a Parent handbook with all our policies. You are required to sign a Parent contract before enrollment. 

There is a $40 dollar enrollment fee. Tuition is monthly based and due the 1st of each month.